Does a Bigger Air Filter Mean More Power?

Learn how investing in a high-performance air filter can increase horsepower and fuel efficiency for improved engine performance.

Does a Bigger Air Filter Mean More Power?

When it comes to engine performance, air is a critical factor in the internal combustion process. Ensuring that your vehicle has adequate airflow can maximize engine production and efficiency, and that's where the engine air filter comes in. The air filter is designed to trap harmful contaminants while allowing a clean air flow to enter the engine. Disposable paper filters have thousands of tiny pores, or air passages, that are excellent for trapping particles the same size or larger than their pores.

Paper filters are usually very efficient at trapping dirt, but they have two major challenges. First, they must be replaced frequently. Second, they don't provide the same level of performance as a high-performance air filter. High-performance air filters can increase your horsepower by about 3 to 5 HP and also increase your torque.

At the same time, this can lead to greater fuel efficiency. The only exception to the K&N rule is when a filter element is attached to a long channel, such as in the case of cold air intakes of EFI engines. It's important to note that high-performance air filters are considered a modification and can void your warranty if you have a new vehicle that is still within the warranty period. In the case of a K&N element, you can use the diameter of the air cleaner to help determine the área sufficient for the required airflow.

While a paper filter must be replaced frequently, a K&N filter can be cleaned and reused over and over again, and works practically like new for the entire life of your vehicle. The shape and size dictate the ability of the air cleaner element to deliver maximum airflow to the engine. For some people, adding a high-performance air filter is not a necessity, but something worth buying simply because they are interested in modifying their vehicle. K&N tests have shown that for most two- and four-barrel carburettors, the airflow is greater when the diameter of the air cleaner is large compared to the height. Now that you know how important your air filter is to engine performance, it's time to take the plunge. If you're looking for improved performance and fuel efficiency, then investing in a high-performance air filter may be worth considering.

Not only will it slightly increase your horsepower, but it will also improve the fuel economy of your vehicle.

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